Friday, May 9, 2008

Finding your place in the world, as a jewellery artist

Its been a year and half since i finished my B. Tech in jewellery design and manufacture and well i haven't had the chance to stop , until now that is, to think about my achievements, progression, my developments as an artist as well as the lessons learned.

I have recently had a spate of bugs and colds, the kind that if you didn't look after you'd end up in bed for a month......well now i know because i did end up in bed for a month. I am however a strong believer of " every thing happens for a reason" and fate which will tug and nudge you in directions just like a gusty autumn wind. It is this notion that has lead me on a windy path to this very point. The time i spent wallowing in bed was in fact well used. After convincing myself that i am not immortal after all and no half charged batteries would lead me to a miraculous recovery, i decided to take stock.

I seem to find my self in a state of conversation, whether it's written or verbal, thoughts or images, with others or myself, i am exploring my place in the world.

It is my hope that by me sharing my thoughts, views and experiences through this blog i can help and inspire other budding jewellery artist's.

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