Friday, February 6, 2015

Freesia: Water colour sketch tutorial in 5 steps

So this week I gave my first "still life : sketch and water colour class at the beautiful Collective Store, in Wynnum. So I decided to start posting a few tutorials on my blog, perhaps it can help others. My style is quite minimal in colour and illustrative as I always use a pen to finish of and add some details. So it makes it different to the norm.
Why not try this at home.

Image taken from my Pinterest folder: Flowers.
(Link attached below)
Step 1

Lightly sketch out the flower
(HB pencil)

Step 2

Work your shades of green from lightest to darkest using a fine brush
( viridian green, dark green, hint of  blue)

Step 3

Work up the flowers from light pinks, to deeper crimsons.
Add a bit of brown to your pink to finish of buds
with thicker paint and a finer brush add stamen texture.
(white, crimson, blown) 

Step 4

Once dry, add a watery film of yellow over the flowers and buds

Step 5

Using a fine liner pen add pen to detail areas or pull petals forward visually
Note: work must be dry before using pen or the colour bleeds.

Classes for February:

          "Petals to paint", still life drawing and watercolours for beginners
           at: The Collective store, Wynnum, Brisbane
           Date: Weekly on Wednesday
           Time: 12:30 to 2:30
           Cost: $50 per person (all equipment supplied)
           Phone: (07) 3129 4606
           Booking essential as classes are small

           Beginners Botanical art class
           at: Sidestreet Vintage, Bulimba, Brisbane 
           Date: Thursday 26th February
           Time: 10:30 to 12:30
           Cost: $50 per person (all equipment supplied)
           Phone: (07) 3399 2729
           Booking essential as classes are small

Additional Links:
Freesia photograph

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