Monday, June 1, 2009

Etsy shop

So its been about a year that this blog has been running....So happy birthday blog.
Wow a lot has happened in this year, and my progress seems to making leaps and bounds.

I finally have my etsy shop up and running and I've attached a link to this blog, yay!

I have a new work area......its still developing but its defiantly coming together

Here are some pics:

A clean new bench

Love the extra storage

Finally I will be hosting my first "Jewellery Party" next week Tuesday at a friends house, I'm taking the opportunity to look at redoing packaging, cards, and stationary as well as test run for my business.
Wish me luck


satsuki design said...

Hi Michelle I am a big fan of your jewellery after seeing (and buying) some of your rings at Gaffa in Sydney! I love the earrings in your etsy shop. Great to see behind-the-scenes shots of where they are made too!

KRSDBR said...

Hey Michelle!.. does this mean that one does not need a really messy interesting bench/working space to make wonderful jewellery?!


Michelle said...

No, I'm sure it will get that way with a little time.
For now it still has that new smell.

Anonymous said...

Ah looks lovely! I like the fresh green surface. I'm sure it wont take long before that whole wall is covered ;) all the best!


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