Friday, August 22, 2008


My rings

I often start with a ring when I'm working out a new element or idea. For me that's what best suites the sculptural aspects of my work and even though i work " the shank " as a completed piece and " the setting " they both need to come together as one cohesive unit.

Design for a conceal and reveal sead pod ring

These are pics of a ring i made in 2006, i called it a "conceal and reveal" ring because the viewer or wearer needs to pear into the cavity of the ring to see the flower within or they could be distracted by the seemingly exploding seeds.

The ring reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy sand sculptures, or little treasures to conceal in the hand like Jacomyn van Der Donk's rings.

"conceal and reveal" ring 2006
silver and Job's Tears seed beads

Other rings

To get a true sense of rings as inspirational ideas you only have to look at The carrot box. This site has a blog attached to it that deals with inspirational rings and has been active since 2003. For me this blog is a reference "book" of note and I so encourage everyone to look though it a couple of times.

Individual inspirational rings

Nora Fok:

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