Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The daisy chain

So I had a wonderful market this weekend at south bank even though I was running a little late. But because I had done a market there before it was easy to set up and get started. I love meeting new and interesting people and I must thank all those who popped past and gave me wonderful words of encouragement, its always welcome.

I've been working the past few weeks on new daisy rings and earrings, working as I do on a number of things at a time, on "a daisy chain" of work. My mind drifts from piece to piece until I work in the "right look" and until I'm happy with it. I find that by doing this I don't over work pieces, which can happen. It might seem a little scatty to some but I find it works for me, it also means that I get a group of jewellery made taking two weeks to finish 20 to 30 items as apposed to 5 days to finish 1 piece.

This is the state of my work bench this past week.....its organised chaos.

I finally bought my own doming punch set, these are my favourite tools of choice.

These daisy rings and earrings will be sent to my Sydney outlet G2 Shop, Surry Hills, NSW.
So all those in Sydney can soon go view these new pieces.
Now I just have to put the finishing touches on them.

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Nick Rose said...

Mich your blog is looking beautiful! Im so glad to see your work is doing well and you'r having fun doing it. This is the first time that Ive had any chance to sit infront of a computer and just do what I want. Im hoping to update my blog after I press send on this message. Your blog has inspired me to do something for myself for a change and not for the tec. This job is really taking it out of me, but i dig it.
So how are you doing? your photos of Brisbane look so beautiful, Im sure your loving it there.


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