Sunday, November 8, 2009

50 pieces of jewellery for "Craft + Design = Art"

So I've done it 50 pieces for the " Craft + Design = Art" exhibition in Miles. I love the pressures of an exhibition it just makes the old noggin work better. I design as i work and even though the pressure of pushing my self as i do can be a bit to much at times, Ive learned to work with it and so the reward out weighs the stress by far.

There are a few things I've learned to do under pressure that just seem to help my creative process in a whole. Perhaps these tips will help you.

1. Always go for a walk before working, it gets the my head into the tasks at hand.
2. If my goal is 50 pieces I'll make 60/ 70 work my pieces to a point of almost finished
3. Document as you work. I have a journal, a camera and various bits of paper to sketch on
4. Two to three weeks before the deadline lay out all the work, and begin to group into ranges, or styles or colour, or ....( you'll know what your visual objective is)
5. Make a list of pieces that need to be made to finish of and stick to this (you can stop to document if your mind wants to wonder but at this stage stick to the plan)
6. always eat, break and take the time to express yourself to friends and family....include them in your goal and celebrate your accomplishment.
7. Start to plan the next exhibition.

Here are some photo's of my work.

Bell flower ring

I worked on 5 ranges and created pieces to balance of each other. There was a balance of some old standard pieces and then there are some pieces that i could salivate over in thousands of new directions to take the designs to.

Bougainvillea pendant

Bougainvillea ring series

I hope that my work is received well but now i need to clean my desk and get ready for the next deadline.


Melbourne Jeweller said...

fantastic pieces, and great tips! thanks so much for sharing, hopefully it will help me! :)

renuka said...
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