Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Walking for inspiration: practically pieces already

These images I took late last month......but it shows you that sometimes the design process can take short cuts, especially when nature presents you with almost finished pieces already. But perhaps its a reflection of my minds obsessions, how i see things.Sometimes my world can be a magical place!
This grass weed screams pendant or brooch.
I seem to obsessed with wreath wrapped forms, its continuous flow
Practically a brooch
The flowers shape intrigues me and i already have a few construction ideas.

Rely large clover leaf rings
Not an exaggeration if that's whats in my neighbourhood

So I have not had a chance to load these up all of my images for the month of April so I hope you enjoyed this quick peek. With commissions, upcoming events and a myriad of markets I will be attending my mind has been stuck in it. I'll be updating my events page soon and as always my facebook page is your best bet for updates daily.

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