Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I found this fantastic book in a second hand book hunt: Wildflowers of south eastern Australia

It has such beautiful Botanical illustrations inside.

Botanical illustration can really be an overlooked art form. Cast to one side as things to do for board housewives along with crochet and needlepoint. You only have to look at a few design/fashion mags to see those "dying art forms" are being revived. I hope botanical illustration is one of them. Perhaps there are some connection to my own style of illustration that make me admire this work or perhaps a similar way of looking at the botanical world .....with a poetic eye for form and a whimsical eye for the layout.
Either way I'm happy to own this book.
I get to fill my creative well just that little bit more and just in time for spring.

As for the trends of old coming back ill be on the lookout for contemporary botanical illustrations to blow your socks of through pinterest and instagram

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