Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stepping out of my box refreshes my brain.

I am beginning to discover that being an artist is a constant duality between being in the moment and observing the moment from a distance. Sound a little strange i know, so let me explain.

I recently had a fantastic opportunity to create a set of jewellery for a client. A necklace, with matching earrings and ring. Not all that unusual you may think. However the necklace had to have components that could detach to be worn as separate brooches, the stones that were given were square and rectangular Topaz and Amethyst and there had to be a combination of metals. I create jewellery that has an organic flow and form to it, so initially the squareness of the stones through me for a loop but the overall concept of a necklace kept my creative interest in the manufacture.
This idea of components was suggested after a lengthy talk about how some Art Nouveau jewellery, which could pulled apart to be worn differently, e.g a tiara could be separated into 2 clips and a brooch.

My point is that there were many unknown factors and i had to consider many specifics to work out how to create this piece of jewellery. Reaserch and test pieces needed to be done. But by embracing the complexity i began to remembered again how exiting it is some times not to have all the answers but to allow the creative process to solve problems. It tested my boundaries and made me think about techniques learned over the years in a whole new way and to apply them to this specific piece. Some times we take these moments for granted and perhaps that is what i was doing. I had a range of jewellery that i had created and had not researched new themes or explored new topics for a while. I simply ran with what i had not on purpose but out of demand for my work. Some pieces had developed further and some new elements had been created but some how this specific piece of jewellery made me look at my work from a different light. By stepping out of my box i had refreshed my brain.

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