Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"A flowers love affair with the moon", a new theme for my jewellery

I am working on an exhibition at the moment that is themed "Fiction and Fairy tales", so I've decided to explore the "love affair that trailing flowers have with the moon".

It started when i saw a climbing flowering vine on one of my walks trailing along a fence. when i took photo's there was a day moon in the background and the tendrils of the plant seemed to be reaching and flowering for the moon's love, and approval. Trying hard to touch what seemed so far away. Sounds romantic....I know, but even my poetry has taken a turn for the romantic as I'm creating a poetry book called "falling in love with elements" and I've been slowly putting it together. It seems to have an affect on my work.

I'll put up a few pics of my work as i go along as well as final pics of the finished pieces and exhibition.

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