Thursday, July 17, 2008

Inspirational artists, images and objects

I've just found a catalogue for designer furniture by Weylandts that reminded me of one of my favourite artist: Andy Goldsworthy.

I love how his works are captured on film and immortalised. But nature inevitable engulfs and surrounds his works of art, or does his work engulf and surround nature?

The contrast of the red leaves in a cool quite pool seems to echo in my mind. A play of contrasting colours and textures.

..... There seems to be a lot in the way of advertising and imagery that reminds me of his work lately, even some of my own work as it develops from past ideas into refined forms that i find myself creating. Perhaps its time to do a little reflecting, on the artist, the ideology and some of my own themes.

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Christy-Anne said...

I think they engulf each other in a contrasting, yet harmonious relationship. Each imposes on the other, yet seems to be accepted.

I have never seen His work before but these pictures are wonderful! The one with the red leaves is so captivating!

Thanks for the inspiration ;)


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