Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trying out an open day

An old Tudor house seems untouched by time. The tranquility of the foliage, birds, and well placed water fountains invite you in to relax as they cocoon you in from the out side hassle and bustle. An old would smell of fresh muffins and scones fill the air and the only thought that seems to fill your head is " I'm home!". This is the place that i found myself displaying my work recently.

When people mention the words "open day", i generally cringe. For those of you not in the know this is an event held at someones home usually to sell clothing, make up or in the old day probable Tupperware. Now a days its a little more stylish with beautifully decorated homes being the backdrop of high fashion and designer ware.Opening their homes to the public or a large group of Friends.

Seems just a little pretentious for my taste, that is until now.

When my sisters friend Kim offered to have an "open day" at her house i found my self jumping at the opportunity to try out this form of retail once more. Perhaps its because Kim is such a vibrant person that i felt it ought to be given a second chance.

There is so much that you can get from these opportunities that i recommend you give it a try. Besides exposure to a new market that is unbiased to your type of work, you could as i did take the opportunity to test your versatility when setting up your jewellery in a different setting. I used white plater plates because the showcases just did not fit in with the decor.

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