Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I've been perusing for images of chrysanthemums today. This is to go with this layered idea that seems to be surfacing. It was only when i started to look that i realised the thread of influence and significance in my work. I love to look at idea's that have been shelved, again. Sometimes they just need to mature a bit.

Here are some of those ideas i found around my new work space:

Here are some of the images i found on the net:

These silk painting are amazing they remind me of well known paintings of Georgia O'Keefe's

I also found this stamp from a Google search on layered flowers. Imagine i similar element or pattern that you alter the positive and negative shapes in layered etched metal and enamel.

Ill keep you posted with my own development.

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Anonymous said...

The juxtaposition of colour and layers on your wall looks lovely!


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