Saturday, August 15, 2009

Marian Hoskins

Marian Hosking
“Living treasures exhibition”
Artisan Gallery, Brisbane

The crisp blue sky contrast against the dormant braches of winter trees, the air is warm but a cool breeze leaves a fresh feel on my face. My inside are bubbling candy floss as I head of to the gallery. I’ve been looking forward to days like this for many years. Today is the day that I meet a mentor, an artist that has inspired my work in many ways. The excitement is more than that. As a part of me misses and longs to be amongst like minded people, not only in the field of botanical jewellery, but also in artistic thinking. It’s been 6 months now since I’ve started this new adventure in Australia and I could use a little normality and inspiration.

As I walk in the gallery there is a bustle of activity and even though the gallery is not exploding with people as it would on opening night, the excitement of everyone in the room fills the air. Crisp long rectangular showcases are filled with remnants, specimens, cast artifacts impressions and impressions of Marian’s world. Each showcase seems random at first until you see the careful selection that leads to a central vessel. Themes are explained in blown up artist statements on the wall as these four showcases begin to take on new meaning. Reading and looking, reading and looking, we all take our time to take in each piece before she begins to talk about her work.
In the centre of the room a large irregular circular table stands, upon it a thin ribbon of silver sit. This silver ribbon has no braking points even though the joins are obvious, and there is texture to each piece as it meanders around its stand. A video playing behind it explains the process of taking a wax impression of a tree’s circumference and then casting each piece, to form this large central sculpture. The magnitude of the tree is now apparent.

As Marian speaks I begin to make my own connections with her methods, her inspiration and her modesty of her work. It seems to reinforce my own views on sharing knowledge and teaching others. As she talks about her doctorate, that this exhibition is a part of, I realize my need to study. Studying gives you goals, time frame with in to produce as well as the supportive structures to help you develop as an artist. It also makes you fight for what you want and in doing so you begin to define yourself. Having people ask you “why?” or “how” you do something, are the most critical things you can do as an artist to develop. This is probable something that I miss the most sitting in the isolation of my home studio. What this means, however, is that I need to study further too!

What a delight it has been to see the work of an artist such as Marian Hosking

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Doug Kwok said...

Hi Michelle,

I was at the opening night of Marian Hoskings exhibition at Artisan. We probably bumped into each other back then not knowing who the other person was until now.
When I saw your style of artowkr hoskings work sprang to mind.
It was an amazing array of works she had on display. Very inspirational.


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