Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A spring of new earrings

Here are a few new pieces i have been working on and some are improvements of old ideas. Just making them has got me exited to make more and create variations of these forms. I particularly like the leaf and garnet earrings....i can see the contrasted elements of them being applied to so many other pieces

Leaf and garnet earrings

These are double star daisy earrings that are now being sold as 2 pairs together. They are quite small and individually they just looked insignificant, but together they make a worth while gift.

Double star daisy earrings

Originally i had bell flower earrings on hoops but the wire would always catch or distort not to mention the flower always slipped of. These new versions are more a hook and by having a small detail at the top of the hook it also stops the bell from falling of.

Bell flower hooks

I need to make some extra to add these to my Etsy shop.....that will be my next task.

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