Sunday, July 18, 2010

Angelic studs

A customer ordered these to go with her "angelica pendant", i love the way they came out and have no idea why i didn't make them before. I also took this opportunity to play around with new backgrounds for my pictures, and although i like the stark contrast of the sculptural pieces on white bleached backgrounds, i find these images more intriguing.

The twig background reminds me of some of the images i see on my walks, especially this time of year. Stark winter twigs sprouting cherry blossoms and the contrast of fragility's is beautiful.

The white background makes the pieces seem sculptural and there is a deception of size.

When i placed the paper beneath a tree in the afternoon sun the contrasting shadows were interesting but i think they may have been a bit to busy for these pieces. Perhaps if they were blackened this may have worked better.

I may have to play around a little more.
But let me know what you think any way.

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