Saturday, July 31, 2010

Orchid flower earrings

I've got a market tomorrow and although I've been working on some fantastic new designs not all of these have been completed in time. Mainly the colourful stone pieces. For the first time in my jewellery career I've taken the "tomorrow is another day" approach taking the stress of me, my work and life in general. All i have to say is its amazing what lessons having a baby teaches you.

But all is not lost either....tomorrow my stand will be sporting new earring stands, and a wide range of fresh new earrings including these new orchid earrings. It will be nice to see how people react to them. I love the over sized nature of them that seem to hang precariously from the ear.

So come and tell me what you think if your in Brisbane, I'll be at the Young Designers Market, South Band, Little Stanley St.
See you there!

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