Thursday, September 2, 2010

Artist: Sabrina Meyns

Paper, seeds and silver......

Words that drew me to the discovery of Sabrina Meyns who is a jewellery designer and paper maker creating precious pieces that look as though a mere touch would dissolve their existence. There is so much attention to detail that it no longer becomes a solid mass but rather a fragile shell. Even the paper work is perfectly combined in her seamless combination.

Sabrina Meyns: "Drawing her inspiration from the garden, she focuses particularly on the late summer and autumn periods. Sabrina is especially fascinated by the delicate qualities of seedpods and the miniature elements that are seeds. When plants and flowers come towards the end of their life cycle their petals and leaves become fragile and translucent. Leaf veins and plant skeletons appear and the plants become beautiful, ghost-like creations of their former selves"

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