Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My First Young Designers Market 2011

My first Young Designers Market was such a good day i can't tell you how nice it was to speak to some of my old clients and chat to potential new ones. I love making my work and love even more chatting to people about my process and inspiration and then to see their reactions as there faces light up.

This was of course the first market as a mom and with my young family. We all survived and I even had a little fun. I could not have done it without my husband Chris. He helped me change the appearance of my stand. We made the table "L" shaped to spread back and give people more space to gather around. I hung a new sign which looked like my cards and gave a small backdrop to add some detail to the back of the stand. A change of colour to the table cloth and a few coloured canvases linked every thing up together. I like the way this stand looks now and it seemed fresh.

The next market will be a lot easier and I hope to have some of my new range out by then, but as Mitchel has taught me ...take each day as it comes. Its been a difficult lesson to learn as I've always planned so far ahead for exhibitions, orders, promotions and markets and just found myself over scheduled and over worked. Now i have to work smart and plan realistically.

First i need to find some more boutique style markets to attend on the weekends and I need to add more stock to my Etsy shop.

So keep posted to see where I'll be next.

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