Friday, September 9, 2011

First paintings

Whilst everyday is filled with both my new role as a mum and my old as an artist and jeweller I find myself constantly trying to balance and maintain my creativity. To not see being a mum as being separate but to use my artistic abilities and lateral thinking to make my days far more exiting.
I think I did this best this past weekend when we had our first painting session....what fun! It reminded me of my own childhood and finger painting. I can still remember the little figures I created.

The result is 2 paintings, one for his father on father’s day and one for his grannies birthday. They are beautiful and I created a new terminology for the art world. "Smooch paintings" I call them, he smooched the paint around and I interpreted the blobs. A collaboration with my 8 month old. I’m sure this would be the first of many!

"Garden, river, sun"
September 2011
By Mitchel Cormac (son) and Michelle Pujol (mum)

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