Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor

Scanned image of the invite.

Last night I attended the most exiting exhibition of jewellery i have been to in a long time. "Tinker Tailor,Soldier, Sailor", was held at Artisan Gallery in the valley, Brisbane.

It was fantastic to be out, hobnobbing with my piers, drinking wine and taking it all in.   To celebrate a 100 years of International Woman's day, a 100 brooches where created by 100 Australian female jewellery artist to represent 100 significant women in history.

I felt like i had walk into a Judy Chicago exhibition (like the Dinner Party 1974-1979), in its significance and thought to the stories behind the work. 

The work was outstanding and i found myself going from box to box looking at the variety, then back to the wall to read each story then back again to look some more. I was almost dizzy, so i bought a book to paw over in my own time.

It was definitely worth going and i recommend getting the book as well.

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