Friday, September 9, 2011

watercolour star flower ring

So after playing with Mitchel and paint I was left me inspired to play with backgrounds for my own jewellery. To add a little more to my photos, create a mood and add some excitement or interest. It’s probably because I've been perusing through the Etsy shopping world and connecting with other designers. Also in part that and I've been itching to put together my own gloss magazine style catalogue for my work. Filled with fashion shoots, dramatic story shots and close ups......well that's the dream any way. It’s a bit tricky with jewellery because you need the customer to engage with the piece and understand it enough to want to wear it and be confidant with the purchase without viewing it up work looks so much better up close. The other thing is that no two pieces come out the same so I’m always making new ranges or versions of ranges. That’s what makes my work unique and also what dates a catalogue very quickly.

For now I’ll just enjoy the art shot.

I’ll need a team to put together the dream catalogue and that would go a lot faster sorting out most of the time issues. I will also have to release them seasonally but that means working ahead. So back to the bench to do work....... and one day I’ll get there!

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