Monday, October 3, 2011

Hydrangea ring

Whilst I’ve been busy making stock for markets and shops I’ve not neglected my design that fuels the everyday work. Even if it’s not as hastily work through as it may have been before.

I’ve been looking at a few themes one of which is adaptation.
Through collections of images, sketches “in the field” (mainly the neighbourhood on my walks) and prototypes I’ve begun to look at the change of leaves into flowers. That is plants that seem to have adapted leaves into petals by way of change of colour or slight change in form. This helps to draw the eye into the smaller more fragile central flowers, that may have been over looked or seem insignificant without this pageantry of volume. I'm sure this is to attract birds and insects in the same way.

I'm using this notion to create central areas of focus in my work, whilst still creating large sculptural pieces.

The first of which is this hydrangea ring.

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