Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gurulmindi wildflowers: work in progress

In a couple of weeks I'll be making my way up to Dogwood Gallery@ Miles, a beautiful little gallery about 4hrs drive inland. Dogwood Gallery will be celebrating their 10th anniversary on the 7th September and I am thrilled to be a part of their festivities as an artist on display in the foyer. I'm looking forward to the road trip up, hoping to stop and take photos on the way as well as the event itself.
I've created a small range of jewellery which I’ve called “the Gurulmundi Wildflowers” for the occasion which will be displayed for the event and the remainder of the month. We are taking a different approach to the commissioned works of bigger galleries, instead to further my creative process and my work I've been developing 3 possible ranges of wildflowers endemic of the region which will be on display. These ranges are the initial ideas, so in my work that’s the more sculptural pieces as I start my ranges with sculptural work and then refine and develop aspects of those designs to more commercial pieces. I find that people respond to the sculptural work but often favour practical pieces for perchance and are happy to take part of an idea home with them. We will be asking visitors to the gallery for their input and then taking these initial ideas and feedback to help developing them to a commercial range for sale which will be suited to gallery and sold in the gallery store next year. The wildflowers I have focus on are the Tea Tree flowers /Baeckea, Jacksonia /Dogwood flower and Myrtle flowers.

Here is some of  the behind the scenes shots: work in progress:

Tea tree sketch and first element in the making

Tea tree designs

Dogwood/ Jacksonia flower elements, marquettes and designs
Myrtle elements, layering up in different ways

myrtle element, still playing around

Myrtle prototype element 

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