Thursday, August 23, 2012

"In the Now" an exhibition all wraped up.

Yes getting just those few more minutes to write a post can sometimes be problematic especially during what seems to be an exhibition rush hour at the moment. Exhibition proposals for next year, and Christmas are all due now. Making stock for up coming markets and extra stock shops for Christmas and a making for the next exhibitions have all taken my allocated time at the computer of late. I use my iPhone to give quick glimpses of what I'm up to....but mainly on my facebook

Last night i finally got  chance to take a look at the pictures of the opening night of my most recent group exhibition: "in the now"...... unfortunately its all wrapped up now. But at least you can see how it went.

The venue: a small appropriate space for the intimacy of jewellery

looking for my name!
love seeing my work in a cabinet, its always a pleasant surprise

Mitchel spotted mommy work

This was Mitchel favorite piece a door stop gnome with a moving arm

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