Saturday, July 6, 2013

Commisioned neckpiece

Clarence river commissioned neckpiece
Silver, 18ct gold, opal, emerald, diamonds   

In April I was commissioned to make a neckpiece for a bridesmaid. The client wanted to give her friend a gift that was personal to the two of them, with symbolism of place: the Clarence River ,which referenced their childhood and stones that represented her star sign.

 I love a challenge and this piece really through a few my way, to start we had a short time frame, soft stones that required extra attention and quite a few strong ideas to throw in the mix....but that did not stop us. I came up with some design idea options and my client sourced a local jeweller to make the settings and set them to our specifications. This meant I had to make the neckpiece complete but without the stones in place and hand over my design with instructions for the final elements.

 Sending it away without a final inspection was a bit of a nervous time for me ......My work was solid and complete with subtle elements of polish and matt texture that created a "liquid look" to the very solid neckpiece. Handing it over was a matter of trust and letting go of control….something I’m not really good at.

The client seemed happy and that had to be good enough for me.

Wishing her all the best I asked if in sometime in the future I could photograph the final piece for my own record.

A couple months on I received a chance to see the finished neckpiece and meet the bridesmaid. It was like a family reunion…..what a lovely lady and the piece fitted her like a glove both on her body and with her personality.

 I realised then how much I put so much of myself into my work that I send parts of myself of in each piece and some more than others. Like all artists who invest time, love and creativity in their work we like to know it’s gone to a good home …..and what a good home!  

Clarence river commissioned neckpiece
Silver, 18ct gold, opal, emerald, diamonds

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