Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wreath pendants

After a bumper Christmas and new year......and a computer that simply died in the interim, I'm finally back at it. Well a little more everyday.

selection of wreath pendants and specimen pendants
sterling silver, oxide patina, pearls, coral 
The bench still takes the most amount of my time making up stock, new pieces and commissioned work, as well as the very thing that keeps me going PLAY!

 Over these past few months it has become apparent, the need to keep my blog updated with popular work as most of my pieces are created as one off's and don't always make the website before being photographed and then sold. I'm also hesitant to put up things like my "Wreath pendants" or "Specimen pendants" onto my web because each time they are made they differ due to the process.
But as with my sculptural rings customers are wanting an image to reference or a price to gauge from. I do post to my Instagram or Facebook as mentioned :"fresh of the bench'  images and I sell quite a bit that way, but I've been asked for more...... So ill be adding more sculptural rings and wreath pendants to my Web and Etsy stores, with the proviso that they are made to order and may differ from the original image. Well I'll give it a go and judge the reaction.

But in the mean time here are a few images to ogle over.

Wreath pendant
Sterling silver, fresh water pearls
Autumn wreath pendant
Sterling silver, oxide patina, coral

Wild pea wreath pendant
Sterling silver, fresh water pearls
Specimen orchid pendant
Sterling silver, fresh water pearl

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