Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New to my shop: sculptural ring...... made to order

So finally I've started adding a few more sculptural rings to my web site ....the trial of "made to order" pendants has gone well and now I feel its safe to splash out with some custom made rings that are unique and individual and away from the sculptural work.
I do not mass produce any of my work, and all my work is hand made by me.
My designs are drawn on plate, pierced by hand and forged to taper and highlight each element.
Each time I make a ring I make the shank beautifully and then marry up what it needs so there is a uniqueness in its forge. So the process of forging and fabricating each rings makes it unique even if the fundamental components are made to specific dimensions. Its seems important to say that these days as the lines of defining "hand made" seem to get blurred. I am the "one man band" and so every aspect goes through my hands and with that comes variation.
This is what attracts people to my work in the first place but then it also makes it difficult to put on the internet where we rely on images to inform us.
I've taken in all that my customers have told me at the markets and their reaction to my sculptural rings and the stories behind my work. Its been positive but more and more customers are asking for visual reference a way to remember all that they have seen. The facebook page and Instagram work well to reference the everyday but there is definitely need for more.  
So my sculptural pieces are now finding a home on my website as made to order pieces and even if to serve as a reference for your own custom order its still worth exploring this side of my work.

Trailing bud ring
Deconstructed Myrtle cocktail ring


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