Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I'm back!
2014 was a crazy year that saw me spin out of control a little (hens the lack of blog posts I just could simply not get there amongst other things) but I've taken a few weeks of to plan 2015 and its looking spectacular!

I hate to sound like a feel good banner but I think its about time I worked smarter not harder.

As with all creative business there's always room to grow and improve and my business is no different.

My plan/ goals (in part):
  • For starters I'll be blogging again, finding artist that I can relate to and showcasing them as well as my new creations as they are made. I've realised that even blogging has its place and I think it helps me to plan and strategies. It also gives me a sense of my achievements as they happen and can be reflected on later, like a visual diary. On my blog I will be doing more bench time and techniques to help others, as well as showcasing other artistic tips, in jewellery, ceramics and painting. 
  • I'll be going back to more exhibitions and boutique shops, with less markets. I usually alternate this on annual basis to keep my creativity energies up, so this year that would have been the case any way. But with that I intend to make making sculptural artistic pieces a priority with galleries in mind. Through dynamic displays, instillations or even make them more sculptural all together. This does not mean I will neglect my usual pieces that people have come to love, but commercial spin offs from these seem to come easily to me these days so you will still see fresh pieces on my website.
  • I've been reminiscing on some old skills such as painting and ceramics so I'm hoping to bring those in a little more this year even if they are initially just for me.
  • I'm going to put the call out for collaborative projects, fashion shows and photography shoots. I miss the camaraderie and energy of working with others and its a good way to change my way of thinking and learning new skills.
  • I also think creative swops are good as well. So look out for these advertised on my Instagram and Facebook pages
  • I'll start investigating that coffee table book of my work I've always wanted.

Well that sounds like a good place to start and some very achievable goals.

What are your creative plans or creative business goals for 2015?

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