Sunday, January 31, 2010

cascading flowers, bursts of colour and adaptations

Cascading flowers, bursts of colour and adaptations seem to be where my focus for inspiration is this year.

Although I've been left with a month filled with the closure of 2009 exhibition and projects, thoughts of new designs and directions flood my head nearly every day. I just simply jot these down or record them in my design book as a way to re-fill my creative well. Their time will come and after many years i now draw comfort in this.
Every year the month of January is filled up with issues of closure and that simply bog me down with a lack of outward creativity and manufacture. I used to panic but now i enjoy these moments. Its my pruning back time where i find my new goals, re-focus on strengths and freshen my ideas.

This year is no different and so my progress is not reflected on my blog but I look forward to bringing you my new creations as they unfold.


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