Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mixed flowers

I must apologise for being absent from my blog, after a month of computer mishaps, children's ailments and the flue knocking me out for a bit .......i am back child is back to his mischievous self, and my husband and i have finally replaced our old computer. Now it will be a lot easier for me to blog when I'm not confined to 30min at a time to do all my work before it dies.

The month of February, or month of love for some, has lead me to a new love, well an old love rekindled. I had the opportunity to design and create a set of jewellery with cut stones in,.... blue and purple where the preference.So i used Amethyst and London blue topaz, stunning colours with the silver. Jumping at the opportunity, I used this moment to make up some ideas that i have been playing around with. There was a time frame added to the mix...... so using, as always, the pressure of a deadline to push past procrastination masked as perfectionism or uncertainty i create a beautiful set of jewellery, a bangle and matching earrings.

The result......

From this i have now create a new range called Mixed flowers: with earrings, bangles and rings, to start. I will be keeping with shades of blue and purple, but i can already see my head spinning into different ideas.

The first batch are to go down to The Goldsmiths Gallery, soon.

As for all those other fans waiting with bated breath for more stone pieces they are on the way.


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