Monday, May 30, 2011


Friends....... country women lend me your ears, so i may lavish them with my pretty creations!

My Etsy shop is sporting new earrings let me know what you think!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tendril twirl earrings

This is the first in series of 5 different Tendril twirl stud earrings. With variations in size and shape of the leaves, these earrings still maintain a unique quality.

I like to work with a range that is either forged so there is an element of randomness or if there is structure variations of the same idea, it keeps me from getting board.

The next 4 will be finished of tonight!

Tear drop leaf earrings

New in stock are these tear drop leaf earrings i hope you like them!

This is part (a) of this design, the simplified version and part (b), a more lavish look, will be made next week.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Boutique Market

Hi everyone .....well i asked the universe for more boutique style markets and i got into the "Boutique markets"@ Portside wharf. How fantastic is that!

These markets run on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, 8.00am to 1:00pm
My first confirmed dates are: Sunday 22nd May
Sunday 12th June

I've got a million designs drawn up so i can't wait to get some new pieces out there and with a market just about every week it will keep me on my toes to make... make... make. I just hope my hand can keep up with my mind.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New etsy pieces

Hi everyone just updated some of my Etsy pieces and by the end of this week i should have another batch of different earrings made and published. I'm really getting into the swing of things now and Mitchel seems to be more accommodating this week.

Enjoy my shop!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My First Young Designers Market 2011

My first Young Designers Market was such a good day i can't tell you how nice it was to speak to some of my old clients and chat to potential new ones. I love making my work and love even more chatting to people about my process and inspiration and then to see their reactions as there faces light up.

This was of course the first market as a mom and with my young family. We all survived and I even had a little fun. I could not have done it without my husband Chris. He helped me change the appearance of my stand. We made the table "L" shaped to spread back and give people more space to gather around. I hung a new sign which looked like my cards and gave a small backdrop to add some detail to the back of the stand. A change of colour to the table cloth and a few coloured canvases linked every thing up together. I like the way this stand looks now and it seemed fresh.

The next market will be a lot easier and I hope to have some of my new range out by then, but as Mitchel has taught me ...take each day as it comes. Its been a difficult lesson to learn as I've always planned so far ahead for exhibitions, orders, promotions and markets and just found myself over scheduled and over worked. Now i have to work smart and plan realistically.

First i need to find some more boutique style markets to attend on the weekends and I need to add more stock to my Etsy shop.

So keep posted to see where I'll be next.


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