Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Orchids, moss and doodles!

So as always I have been nose to bench making jewellery for stock and getting ready for my group exhibition next week. I find the busy times are most productive for new pieces of jewellery....that sounds funny. Of course its productive, I’m making.....but what i mean is that when I’m in the thick of deadlines I find that instead of stepping away from my bench for a break i tend to just focus on my scrap box, test pieces or half-done pieces for a short bit of fun as some would turn to the page pen in hand and doodle. Just let the mind explore. Sometimes this leads to new exiting conclusions in the form of finished pieces.

These orchid pendants are my latest doodle.
Orchid pendants: work in progress
Silver, 24ct gold

Orchid pendants: work in progress
Silver, 24ct gold

Taking a tea break out side in the garden, and letting my mind doodle some more I decide to take my camera and do a few pre-shots of my new pendants ( to impatient to finish them completely, so excuse  the finish as they are not……finished).  I could not help taking a photo of Mitchel in the garden and I’m glad I did.

Mitchel in the garden

This moss covered rock in the morning light makes a fantastic backdrop for the pendants when they are finished.

But here is a sneak peak of what it could look like.

Orchid pendant: work in progress
Test photo
Silver, 24ct gold
I hope to have these finished for the next YDM Market, Little Stanley st, South bank: 05/08/2012

Monday, July 16, 2012


My Monday wildflower inspiration is brought to you today by Su Blackwell. a paper artist with a brilliant book cut sculpture of the same name " wildflowers"

I've featured her before but when you work is so captivating its worth seeing twice.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Steve Parish

Some rainy day inspiration from an Australian icon of photography: Steve Parish.

His passion for his work is evident in this article on his blog entitled "a wildflower connection"....it makes you want to whip out the old camera and head out on a road trip

That's exactly what i will be doing when i have my mini exhibition in September in Miles..... and that makes me smile!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Seeds for thought!

Found these seed pods on our walk this morning, well should i say Mitchel found it i rescued it as a treasure for my blog. Looking at these makes me want to pick up clay and create again.....hmmm!

Some things lend them self to much larger sculptures, rather than jewellery.....i could see these in an iron oxide earthen ware clay, getting mossy in the garden! Just a little something to think about for later on...when i have time .......lol 

New outlet: Hamptons Home Living

Hampton's Home living, in Paddington is a new home for my large lotus flower rings and there is a good selection of my jewellery to choose from. Be sure to stop for a cuppa and check out my pieces.


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