Tuesday, June 11, 2013

White Bougainvillea ring

White Bougainvillea ring
Sterling silver, yellow cubic

This latest ring, the "white Bougainvillea ring", is a testament to the flued nature of my design process. Not all things are planned, they happen in what seems by accident. These happy accidents I think are years of research, making, planning that happen to unfold unrelated to what I’m working on or what is around me but have actually been years in the making.

 Let me explain.

 These fold form leaves that make up the leaf/petals that make up a Bougainvillea flower on this ring are 10 years old. I made them in my second year of studies in South Africa. For some reason I kept them instead of melting them down to use in other pieces. They have survived studies, starting a business, immigrating, starting a business again and motherhood....all unscathed.

 They happened to be on my bench the other day when I was working through my commercial pieces. In a tea break I started playing around with them and some shanks that I had on my desk, like you may doodle when on the phone.....before I new it .....A star was born.

 I'm excited about this ring because not only has it used the old leaves in a dynamic way but it answers a problem that I’ve had. I have a Bougainvillea range in my catalogue that uses cast wax flower forms. These are limited as they are left over from when I immigrated 5 years ago I have not been able to cast in Oz as its too expensive and I was feeling sad to lose the range. In a quiet moment my mind answered the riddle for me and in what a spectacular way!

 The NEW "white Bougainvillea range" will be out soon and I feel thrilled about it.


White Bougainvillea ring on hand
Sterling silver, yellow cubic

White Bougainvillea ring on hand
Sterling silver. yellow cubic

White  Bougainvillea ring
Sterling silver, yellow cubic

Monday, June 10, 2013

Freestyling with BrisStyle

You will be seeing me at a few more markets as since I've become a very proud BrisStyle member I've decided to give the extra market circuits a go. You may already have seen me at the BrisStyle Twilight market  or the very new and spectacular City hall BrisStyle Indie market. I've attached the upcoming events below and all markets will have confirmation of my attendance on my Facebook page.

With these extra markets I'm finding my range development has sped up and there are some rely exiting pieces coming out of late. It also helps to have such wonderful words of encouragement from all my fans......so thank you.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Raw: expressions ... The event that was!

So "Raw: expressions" has come and gone and like the old bird that I am it's taken me a week to get over it as well as the BrisStyle market ( gone past this last sat).

All I can say is what amazing event. Vibrant, dynamic and unique you really do get the benefit of a mix of fields coming together and the audience that comes from it.   

As my computer is down I can only share some of the pics of my phone, as that is where I'm typing from too.

Here are some of the night, but mainly my display..... Enjoy!


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