Tuesday, December 3, 2013

RAWards 2013......voting is open!

RAWards 2013......voting is open!
Vote for me for visual artist of the year
Its been an amazing year and this will finish it of with a bang.....thank you to everyone for all your support. If your would like to see more of my nature inspired sculptural pieces in galleries and events, then cast your vote for me this week. You can place one vote per day until Thursday

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pinterest find of the week: Kathy Vones, Ear Ornament

As I've said before looking through Pinterest is like having the worlds best magazines at your fingertips. So as I've been a bit busy doing oodles and oodles of earrings for Christmas stock here is a bit of inspiration for you.

Here is my find of the week:

Kathy Vones: "Earconch " 2006
Made from wire cages that are then filled with silicon. The ear ornament is worn by placing a loop over the ear.

I love the cascading shapes and gradating colour

Web: www.kvones.com
by Kathy Vones


Friday, September 27, 2013

Michelle Fleur Photo shoot: a sneak peak

What an exiting experience to have my jewellery shot in a whimsical, sun setting, photo shoot. Quite clearly Michelle Knowles from Michelle Fleur photography knows how to maximise the fading light, catch its golden glow and transform it into something magical.

So blessed to have had this opportunity.
Here is a sneak peak of the first 2 edited images

My jewellery: Bell flower necklace (silver, 9ct gold, garnet)
Open bell flower stud earrings(silver)
 Model: Rebecca : @ Vivien's model management
Hair and makeup: Megan Wardlaw makeup artist
Photography: Michelle Fleur photography


My jewellery: Large Daisy solitaire pendant  (silver)
Daisy stud earrings (silver) Lotus flower cocktail rings (silver, 24ct gold)
 Model: Rebecca : @ Vivien's model management
Hair and makeup: Megan Wardlaw makeup artist
Photography: Michelle Fleur photography
 These will become a part of a look book to be featured in my web site. So ill keep you posted with updates as it develops..... so exiting to see my jewellery being worn and in such expressive, rich images.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Michelle Fleur photography

Golden daydreams
 Michelle Fleur photography
I've been so busy doing admin this week I've almost forgot to tell you of my fantastic news. Next week I get the opportunity to work with this fantastic photographer, Michelle Fleur is her label name, on a photo-shoot with my jewellery. I'm so exited I'm actually typing with a grin on my face.

It will be wonderful to see how my pieces look in one of her whimsical lit images but also to have some images of my work being worn by someone other than me.
Ill keep you posted on that.

To view more of Michelle's images: www.michellefleurphotography.com

The spell
Michelle Fleur photography
Michelle will also be a featured artist in the next upcoming Raw event "Translations" 27th September, so give her your support and buy a ticket

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Michelle Pujol Jewellery

New to my shops: www.michellepujoljewellery.bigcartel.com

Forged silver trailing daisy pendant set
Sterling silver
Coming soon......

Moving daisy charm rings
sterling silver, 24ct gold

New to Etsy: www.michellepujol.etsy.com

Forged silver heart drop hooks with teardrop garnet stones
Sterling silver, garnet stones
Coming soon........

Selection of Heart leaf ring
Sterling silver

Friday, August 30, 2013

Fresh of the bench: wildflower ring

Wildflower ring
Sterling silver
Im willing spring on by posting my fresh of the bench as I finish editing some of my recent creations.
This "wildflower ring' which I forged up in a creative brain storm one evening, reminds me of wild Carnations. I used to find these in the field behind my home as a child. Each year around this time there would be controlled burning of the wild fields. Soon after we would have the first rains of spring and a couple of days after that from the chard remains a peppermint crisp spray of new grown would appear. I loved walking in those field as the harshness of black softened with time to new growth and spring flowers formed. One of which were "pinkies" as my mom would point out......wild Carnations in there original state.
Wildflower ring
Sterling silver

Wildflower ring
Sterling silver

Wildflower ring
Sterling silver

Wildflower ring
Sterling silver

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I found this fantastic book in a second hand book hunt: Wildflowers of south eastern Australia

It has such beautiful Botanical illustrations inside.

Botanical illustration can really be an overlooked art form. Cast to one side as things to do for board housewives along with crochet and needlepoint. You only have to look at a few design/fashion mags to see those "dying art forms" are being revived. I hope botanical illustration is one of them. Perhaps there are some connection to my own style of illustration that make me admire this work or perhaps a similar way of looking at the botanical world .....with a poetic eye for form and a whimsical eye for the layout.
Either way I'm happy to own this book.
I get to fill my creative well just that little bit more and just in time for spring.

As for the trends of old coming back ill be on the lookout for contemporary botanical illustrations to blow your socks of through pinterest and instagram

You can follow me on both


Monday, July 22, 2013

Trailing bud ring

New on my bench is this my "Trailing flower bud ring"......thanks to a good chat and some inspiration at the bench.

 I had a lovely chat to a family at the City hall BrisStyle market about my work and one of the comments is that they loved the idea of some of the trailing flowers but would love to see a more restrained trails across the hand, with a few flower details.

This is the result and I'm sure it will be one of many, it fits comfortable on the hand with enough detail to still entice people to look. There's a big difference between my jewellery and commercially made jewellery. I love to add variation in thicknesses variation even in a range, and highlight the hand forged elements and add detail that makes it obviously handmade and not cast. When I simplify my designs I walk that fine line but I think that I have still retained a "Michelle Pujol-ness" to this ring.

It will be interesting to see the following progressions of this ring.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Double chocolate mint: Peppermint magazine advertising

A lovely treat to sit down to a cup a tea, a chocolate and raspberry tart (made by my loving husband) and the Peppermint magazine: winter addition. A double treat that is because it sports two advertisements with my Etsy shop in......yay!

Thank you BrisStyle and Handmade Highstreet!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Commisioned neckpiece

Clarence river commissioned neckpiece
Silver, 18ct gold, opal, emerald, diamonds   

In April I was commissioned to make a neckpiece for a bridesmaid. The client wanted to give her friend a gift that was personal to the two of them, with symbolism of place: the Clarence River ,which referenced their childhood and stones that represented her star sign.

 I love a challenge and this piece really through a few my way, to start we had a short time frame, soft stones that required extra attention and quite a few strong ideas to throw in the mix....but that did not stop us. I came up with some design idea options and my client sourced a local jeweller to make the settings and set them to our specifications. This meant I had to make the neckpiece complete but without the stones in place and hand over my design with instructions for the final elements.

 Sending it away without a final inspection was a bit of a nervous time for me ......My work was solid and complete with subtle elements of polish and matt texture that created a "liquid look" to the very solid neckpiece. Handing it over was a matter of trust and letting go of control….something I’m not really good at.

The client seemed happy and that had to be good enough for me.

Wishing her all the best I asked if in sometime in the future I could photograph the final piece for my own record.

A couple months on I received a chance to see the finished neckpiece and meet the bridesmaid. It was like a family reunion…..what a lovely lady and the piece fitted her like a glove both on her body and with her personality.

 I realised then how much I put so much of myself into my work that I send parts of myself of in each piece and some more than others. Like all artists who invest time, love and creativity in their work we like to know it’s gone to a good home …..and what a good home!  

Clarence river commissioned neckpiece
Silver, 18ct gold, opal, emerald, diamonds

Monday, July 1, 2013

Michelle Pujol: Raw and on tape!

So part of the Raw event, that I recently did, there was a video interview of myself, my creations and my inspiration.
If you would like to catch a glimpse of what makes me tick, take a gander.

I was very nervous to do the video interview..... but I did not think it came out to badly.

Grate job Glen Randles you did a wonderful job

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

White Bougainvillea ring

White Bougainvillea ring
Sterling silver, yellow cubic

This latest ring, the "white Bougainvillea ring", is a testament to the flued nature of my design process. Not all things are planned, they happen in what seems by accident. These happy accidents I think are years of research, making, planning that happen to unfold unrelated to what I’m working on or what is around me but have actually been years in the making.

 Let me explain.

 These fold form leaves that make up the leaf/petals that make up a Bougainvillea flower on this ring are 10 years old. I made them in my second year of studies in South Africa. For some reason I kept them instead of melting them down to use in other pieces. They have survived studies, starting a business, immigrating, starting a business again and motherhood....all unscathed.

 They happened to be on my bench the other day when I was working through my commercial pieces. In a tea break I started playing around with them and some shanks that I had on my desk, like you may doodle when on the phone.....before I new it .....A star was born.

 I'm excited about this ring because not only has it used the old leaves in a dynamic way but it answers a problem that I’ve had. I have a Bougainvillea range in my catalogue that uses cast wax flower forms. These are limited as they are left over from when I immigrated 5 years ago I have not been able to cast in Oz as its too expensive and I was feeling sad to lose the range. In a quiet moment my mind answered the riddle for me and in what a spectacular way!

 The NEW "white Bougainvillea range" will be out soon and I feel thrilled about it.


White Bougainvillea ring on hand
Sterling silver, yellow cubic

White Bougainvillea ring on hand
Sterling silver. yellow cubic

White  Bougainvillea ring
Sterling silver, yellow cubic

Monday, June 10, 2013

Freestyling with BrisStyle

You will be seeing me at a few more markets as since I've become a very proud BrisStyle member I've decided to give the extra market circuits a go. You may already have seen me at the BrisStyle Twilight market  or the very new and spectacular City hall BrisStyle Indie market. I've attached the upcoming events below and all markets will have confirmation of my attendance on my Facebook page.

With these extra markets I'm finding my range development has sped up and there are some rely exiting pieces coming out of late. It also helps to have such wonderful words of encouragement from all my fans......so thank you.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Raw: expressions ... The event that was!

So "Raw: expressions" has come and gone and like the old bird that I am it's taken me a week to get over it as well as the BrisStyle market ( gone past this last sat).

All I can say is what amazing event. Vibrant, dynamic and unique you really do get the benefit of a mix of fields coming together and the audience that comes from it.   

As my computer is down I can only share some of the pics of my phone, as that is where I'm typing from too.

Here are some of the night, but mainly my display..... Enjoy!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Big give away....because i heart your RAW support!


Because I heart all my Raw Support I'm giving away 10 PAIRS of Turnover heart studs worth $20.

 Without me sounding like a T.V. add........ How do you ask?

Simple pop over to RAW and purchase a double ticket under my artist name and message me on my facebook page or leave a message on this blog post with your name on the tickets. The first 10 people to do so will receive a pair of Turnover heart studs which can be collected on Raw "expressions " event night.

Don't forget: Tickets For the 31st May are $15 each and the night kicks of at 7.30 at The Arena, 210 Brunswick st,  In the valley.

All winners will be listed when online tickets close on the 28th May and have been verified


Friday, May 17, 2013

A little inspirational find

 What a great find..... a "wildflowers of Australia" photographic book from the local second hand book store. I'm forever asked about different wildflowers and my interpretation of them into jewellery pieces.

So even though I'm in the midst of Raw craziness I can at least add something to my creative well for the future.

If you have some old botanical flower books that you would like to give away please contact me I would love to have them.


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