Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I've been perusing for images of chrysanthemums today. This is to go with this layered idea that seems to be surfacing. It was only when i started to look that i realised the thread of influence and significance in my work. I love to look at idea's that have been shelved, again. Sometimes they just need to mature a bit.

Here are some of those ideas i found around my new work space:

Here are some of the images i found on the net:

These silk painting are amazing they remind me of well known paintings of Georgia O'Keefe's

I also found this stamp from a Google search on layered flowers. Imagine i similar element or pattern that you alter the positive and negative shapes in layered etched metal and enamel.

Ill keep you posted with my own development.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A clean slate and fresh ideas

I've just come back from a very brief but exiting trip to Brisbane. I saw so many intriguing and interesting things that my head is reeling with new ideas.
I find my self looking more and more at the contrast between the organic form and an industrial influence, noticing rather the layering of pattern and texture, looking at architecture, interior design and every day life. There just seems to be a tapestry of things to draw from these days. I would love to combine this with the flora that i draw my inspirations from.....to create my own objects with that same feeling of richness.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Daisy ring

I've just finished the most beautiful daisy ring in 18ct white gold, with two set diamonds in the centre.

I'm glad i got it finished before i go off on my holiday.
I'm simply salivating over the idea of new and interesting things to look at and discover in Brisbane.
I hope the weather is great.


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