Saturday, December 13, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

Spring flowers

These are a few of the flowers I saw last year on a trip to New Zealand's, South Island......its taken me this long to edit them but a spring day reveal is worth the wait. These have just been taken from my point and shoot basic camera.... you should see the images my husband took with his fancy one.
Wow! Double wow!



Happy spring!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New to my shop: sculptural ring...... made to order

So finally I've started adding a few more sculptural rings to my web site ....the trial of "made to order" pendants has gone well and now I feel its safe to splash out with some custom made rings that are unique and individual and away from the sculptural work.
I do not mass produce any of my work, and all my work is hand made by me.
My designs are drawn on plate, pierced by hand and forged to taper and highlight each element.
Each time I make a ring I make the shank beautifully and then marry up what it needs so there is a uniqueness in its forge. So the process of forging and fabricating each rings makes it unique even if the fundamental components are made to specific dimensions. Its seems important to say that these days as the lines of defining "hand made" seem to get blurred. I am the "one man band" and so every aspect goes through my hands and with that comes variation.
This is what attracts people to my work in the first place but then it also makes it difficult to put on the internet where we rely on images to inform us.
I've taken in all that my customers have told me at the markets and their reaction to my sculptural rings and the stories behind my work. Its been positive but more and more customers are asking for visual reference a way to remember all that they have seen. The facebook page and Instagram work well to reference the everyday but there is definitely need for more.  
So my sculptural pieces are now finding a home on my website as made to order pieces and even if to serve as a reference for your own custom order its still worth exploring this side of my work.

Trailing bud ring
Deconstructed Myrtle cocktail ring


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Michael Sherrill Ceramics

A little inspiration for you: Michael Sherrill botanical inspired ceramic sculptures are a marvel of texture and detail ......I found his artwork on Pinterest search at first and found myself looking for more. So with a sick child and no chance of getting to my bench today I thought it would be a good time to get back into my blog and share some inspiration with you.

 These are a few of his works that I found in a beautifully written article by Joan Falconer Byrd from the Craft Council. The photography is by Tim Barnwell and all links are below.

"Dream of Flower"

"Mouths to feed"

"Temple of cool beauty - Yacca"

"Temple of cool beauty - Yacca"

"Broken Beauty"

"Alma's weed"

Artist: Michael Sherrill
Article: "Natural Narratives" by Joan Folconer Byrd and images by Tim Barnwell

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fresh from my walks: flowers and seed pods

I love to walk and capture the flowers or seed pods I find and as they are. In essence the moment that ideas are formed for new rings. A simple placement on the hand can make a find come to life. Scale is recorded as well as all its texture and detail, and by doing this the plant is unharmed and captured as the moment. These images are taken from my phone and usually sent to my Instagram. But I thought it was time to share a couple with you. As I have in the past.......a little inspiration



Monday, June 2, 2014

Interview with Markethere

Check out this recent interview I did for a new dynamic website showcasing designers and the markets they attend
Michelle Pujol Jewellery

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wreath pendants

After a bumper Christmas and new year......and a computer that simply died in the interim, I'm finally back at it. Well a little more everyday.

selection of wreath pendants and specimen pendants
sterling silver, oxide patina, pearls, coral 
The bench still takes the most amount of my time making up stock, new pieces and commissioned work, as well as the very thing that keeps me going PLAY!

 Over these past few months it has become apparent, the need to keep my blog updated with popular work as most of my pieces are created as one off's and don't always make the website before being photographed and then sold. I'm also hesitant to put up things like my "Wreath pendants" or "Specimen pendants" onto my web because each time they are made they differ due to the process.
But as with my sculptural rings customers are wanting an image to reference or a price to gauge from. I do post to my Instagram or Facebook as mentioned :"fresh of the bench'  images and I sell quite a bit that way, but I've been asked for more...... So ill be adding more sculptural rings and wreath pendants to my Web and Etsy stores, with the proviso that they are made to order and may differ from the original image. Well I'll give it a go and judge the reaction.

But in the mean time here are a few images to ogle over.

Wreath pendant
Sterling silver, fresh water pearls
Autumn wreath pendant
Sterling silver, oxide patina, coral

Wild pea wreath pendant
Sterling silver, fresh water pearls
Specimen orchid pendant
Sterling silver, fresh water pearl

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A very belated Happy New Year

Its already half way through January 2014 and its the first time I've had a chance to sit down at my computer for a spot of admin. So a very belated Happy New Year to you all.

White bougainvillea ring
Sterling silver, yellow cubic 

Just a quick catch up before I head back to my bench.

December was crazy, and if I think about the amount of new work I produced that sold instantly its astounding. Thank you to all those who stopped to chat, listen to my stories and buy my creations. If you would like to see my creations as I make them or what ideas im playing around with, then I always take a quick picture on my Instagram which links to my facebook page of :
  1. fresh from my walk (inspiration)
  2. fresh from my sketchbook (planning) 
  3. fresh from my bench (making) 
So if you feel you have missed out on my work head on over to those sites and check out some of my latest creations.

Remember I can make custom orders to, so if there is something that you have seen but its sold I can always make up a new one just for you..... and as always it will still be unique.

Your also welcome to come have a chat with me at one of the 3 markets I attend during each month. Again updates of these can be found on my facebook page but for a general rule. I'm at
  1. The Young Designers Market, little Stanley st, South bank: 1st Sunday of the month
  2. BrisStyle city hall market, inside the City hall, City : 2nd Saturday of the month
  3. Brisstyle Twilight market, King George square, City: 3rd Friday night of the month ....every 2nd month ( I've attached a link to view exact dates)
There has been a huge demand of late for my sculptural pieces and for me to make some of my extravagant rings into brooches. So I will be working hard to bring those to my website soon......stay tuned for lots of exiting adventures in 2014


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