Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Mint any one?

Just a little advertising with Peppermint magazine, Christmas addition.


Only getting a chance to edit these photo's today, but I'm sure its still good to see.

Thank you Handmade Highstreet.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stunning pillars

Walking around the mall the other day to avoid the heat wave i came across this pillar made from woodblock stamps that they use for indian textiles.

I've always had a love for them ever since one of my lecturers intriduced them to is in a project..... Its amaising how influences come full circle.

Friday, November 30, 2012

wedding ring commission

Wedding ring commission
sterling silver
A recent wedding ring commission has got my head spinning with ideas on small detail and looking at some of my sketch books for old ideas for a men’s or unisex range of rings. I’ve been asked a few times to create a range like this but have never quite got there, instead,  I seem to only get as far as the sketch book to jot an idea down.
In this case I got to know my clients and I think that’s made difference. I can say with confidence that these rings suite them. I wish them all the love and luck in their marriage.

Sterling silver

Sterling silver
 Sometimes I get so caught up with just making stock for shops that it’s nice to have something to stir those creative juices.

Now i need to just find the time.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

103 Pendants: opening night

Ahhhhh another opening night in the bag. Thank you for all the wonderful comments, its always good to see people appreciating your work. There was some amazing pieces on display and the volume of pendants was muted by the space that it was displayed in. I think a smaller venue may have been a bit overwhelming to look at all the pendants individually. It did however make it difficult to take photo's of the work. So here are some close ups of my pieces, an a couple of the opening night. Enjoy!
Wreath pendants
Silver, 24ct gold, pearls, garnets and patina
Angelica pendants


Orchid flower and Orchid pod pendants
Silver, 24ct gold and patina

103 Pendants in exhibition

103 Pendants
opening night

103 Pendants
I loved the the cast shadows!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

103 Pendants exhibition

Upcoming group exhibition:
Name: 103 Pendants
Venue: 84 Merivale st, South Brisbane
Date: 12th - 17th October.

Opening night is Friday 12th October, 6- 8pm

Come and see the works of 30 JMGQ Jewellers in an expansive display of 103 Pendants. There is sure to be something for everyone.

P.s. I will have 9 pieces on display, so back to put the finishing touches on them.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time for a "Peppermint".

Look what I just picked up.
The new Peppermint magazine.
Perusing through the pages its so good to see a little advert in by one of my shops: Handmade Highstreet and even better to see some of my work advertising my etsy shop.

So be sure to pick up a copy.
This may be a small start but it will be the first of many publications..... I'm keep posted.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

floral instiliations in glass

There is nothing better than the vibrancy of spring. It's in our gardens, in the fields and in the warmth in  the air. But who needs the confinements of seasons with works of arts by Dale Chihuly.   The spring luster of glass in the clean lines and walls of a gallery.

Perhaps that is what has lead me to run my fingers over the key board in another google search for flower sculptures

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Look how this subject matter, "Australian wildflowers ",  could be endless for me. I found this image in a google search. This pic is from wildflowers of Western Australia site.

Sooooo exiting!

Just don't have enough hours in my day. I just want to make them all.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gurulmindi wildflowers: some finished pieces

Part 2

Here is a quick peek at some of the finished pieces:
Myrtle ring (a)
Sterling silver, oxide

Myrtle ring (a )
Sterling silver, oxide

Myrtle ring (b)
Sterling silver, oxide

Myrtle ring (b)
Sterling silver, oxide
Dogwood flower ring
Sterling silver

Dogwood flower ring
Sterling silver

Dogwood flower ring
Sterling silver

Dogwood flower ring
Sterling silver

Tea tree flower ring
Sterling silver, oxide

Tea Tree flower ring
Sterling silver, oxide

Tea Tree flower ring
Sterling silver, oxide

Gurulmindi wildflowers: work in progress

In a couple of weeks I'll be making my way up to Dogwood Gallery@ Miles, a beautiful little gallery about 4hrs drive inland. Dogwood Gallery will be celebrating their 10th anniversary on the 7th September and I am thrilled to be a part of their festivities as an artist on display in the foyer. I'm looking forward to the road trip up, hoping to stop and take photos on the way as well as the event itself.
I've created a small range of jewellery which I’ve called “the Gurulmundi Wildflowers” for the occasion which will be displayed for the event and the remainder of the month. We are taking a different approach to the commissioned works of bigger galleries, instead to further my creative process and my work I've been developing 3 possible ranges of wildflowers endemic of the region which will be on display. These ranges are the initial ideas, so in my work that’s the more sculptural pieces as I start my ranges with sculptural work and then refine and develop aspects of those designs to more commercial pieces. I find that people respond to the sculptural work but often favour practical pieces for perchance and are happy to take part of an idea home with them. We will be asking visitors to the gallery for their input and then taking these initial ideas and feedback to help developing them to a commercial range for sale which will be suited to gallery and sold in the gallery store next year. The wildflowers I have focus on are the Tea Tree flowers /Baeckea, Jacksonia /Dogwood flower and Myrtle flowers.

Here is some of  the behind the scenes shots: work in progress:

Tea tree sketch and first element in the making

Tea tree designs

Dogwood/ Jacksonia flower elements, marquettes and designs
Myrtle elements, layering up in different ways

myrtle element, still playing around

Myrtle prototype element 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"In the Now" an exhibition all wraped up.

Yes getting just those few more minutes to write a post can sometimes be problematic especially during what seems to be an exhibition rush hour at the moment. Exhibition proposals for next year, and Christmas are all due now. Making stock for up coming markets and extra stock shops for Christmas and a making for the next exhibitions have all taken my allocated time at the computer of late. I use my iPhone to give quick glimpses of what I'm up to....but mainly on my facebook

Last night i finally got  chance to take a look at the pictures of the opening night of my most recent group exhibition: "in the now"...... unfortunately its all wrapped up now. But at least you can see how it went.

The venue: a small appropriate space for the intimacy of jewellery

looking for my name!
love seeing my work in a cabinet, its always a pleasant surprise

Mitchel spotted mommy work

This was Mitchel favorite piece a door stop gnome with a moving arm

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In The Now

Just droped of some ring for "In the Now" exiting group exhibition of current work or work in progress of some of the members of JMGQ.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Orchids, moss and doodles!

So as always I have been nose to bench making jewellery for stock and getting ready for my group exhibition next week. I find the busy times are most productive for new pieces of jewellery....that sounds funny. Of course its productive, I’m making.....but what i mean is that when I’m in the thick of deadlines I find that instead of stepping away from my bench for a break i tend to just focus on my scrap box, test pieces or half-done pieces for a short bit of fun as some would turn to the page pen in hand and doodle. Just let the mind explore. Sometimes this leads to new exiting conclusions in the form of finished pieces.

These orchid pendants are my latest doodle.
Orchid pendants: work in progress
Silver, 24ct gold

Orchid pendants: work in progress
Silver, 24ct gold

Taking a tea break out side in the garden, and letting my mind doodle some more I decide to take my camera and do a few pre-shots of my new pendants ( to impatient to finish them completely, so excuse  the finish as they are not……finished).  I could not help taking a photo of Mitchel in the garden and I’m glad I did.

Mitchel in the garden

This moss covered rock in the morning light makes a fantastic backdrop for the pendants when they are finished.

But here is a sneak peak of what it could look like.

Orchid pendant: work in progress
Test photo
Silver, 24ct gold
I hope to have these finished for the next YDM Market, Little Stanley st, South bank: 05/08/2012


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