Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moth holes......whole hearts!

Moth holes ....Whole hearts!

In lunar mist
It flutters fast
Its flutters slow
To my heart its flutters go.

Ive just added a new treasury to my Etsy shop. What i love the most is the poetry that I'm beginning to write more frequently again.

"Trailing flowers", a mark of readiness

Last year I donated a gift voucher to a charity auction event. I was a few months pregnant and at the time I thought I would be able to fit the order in, being full of “he-man” hormones....I could do anything. The client redeemed her voucher for a beautiful handmade trailing flower pendant and necklace, but quite a few months later in my third trimester when those previously mentioned hormones had worn off. But I still felt I could do it. I gather the metal and began, but heat and child slowed me down so I was put off. My client, a fantastic lady, understood and was happy to wait when I was ready to make again. I had Mitchel on the 1/1/2011 and for a while I was in a cloud of disbelief and unrealistic views of what I was able to do. Time went by and all my own goals of being able to create went past 6 week, 3 months, 6 months....... At some point I let go and stopped beating myself up about time and began to make... a link at a time, a flower at a time. I worked around it, and it began to work around me. Slowly as it began to take shape I felt a sense of relief, a sense of creative normality.

Now it’s finished and it feels like I’m planting a flag at the top of a mountain ....I’m here, I’ve arrived!

I’m a different person from when I started this piece and I’m sure that’s something that jewellery artist don’t share as much with their artistic cousins: sculptures or painters. Projects take hours or days for us usually, not months or a year and then there is a sense of gratification. We move on or melt it down to start again. But this reminded me of my fine arts days. I've grown attached. Now this piece represents moments in my life.... a patch of time in my life quilt.

It has become my mark of readiness!

Friday, September 9, 2011

watercolour star flower ring

So after playing with Mitchel and paint I was left me inspired to play with backgrounds for my own jewellery. To add a little more to my photos, create a mood and add some excitement or interest. It’s probably because I've been perusing through the Etsy shopping world and connecting with other designers. Also in part that and I've been itching to put together my own gloss magazine style catalogue for my work. Filled with fashion shoots, dramatic story shots and close ups......well that's the dream any way. It’s a bit tricky with jewellery because you need the customer to engage with the piece and understand it enough to want to wear it and be confidant with the purchase without viewing it up close.....my work looks so much better up close. The other thing is that no two pieces come out the same so I’m always making new ranges or versions of ranges. That’s what makes my work unique and also what dates a catalogue very quickly.

For now I’ll just enjoy the art shot.

I’ll need a team to put together the dream catalogue and that would go a lot faster sorting out most of the time issues. I will also have to release them seasonally but that means working ahead. So back to the bench to do work....... and one day I’ll get there!

First paintings

Whilst everyday is filled with both my new role as a mum and my old as an artist and jeweller I find myself constantly trying to balance and maintain my creativity. To not see being a mum as being separate but to use my artistic abilities and lateral thinking to make my days far more exiting.
I think I did this best this past weekend when we had our first painting session....what fun! It reminded me of my own childhood and finger painting. I can still remember the little figures I created.

The result is 2 paintings, one for his father on father’s day and one for his grannies birthday. They are beautiful and I created a new terminology for the art world. "Smooch paintings" I call them, he smooched the paint around and I interpreted the blobs. A collaboration with my 8 month old. I’m sure this would be the first of many!

"Garden, river, sun"
September 2011
By Mitchel Cormac (son) and Michelle Pujol (mum)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Etsy treasury

Ive just started putting together an Etsy treasury as i found myself loving and "favouring" similar things.

I called it: A touch whimsical and wrote a poem.

love the poem......

A touch whimsical
Misty light
Faded dreams
A soft touch of water streams
A passing flutter
A scribble of pen
When dreams come to life
We’ll meet again

By Michelle Pujol

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring ring

Spring has sprung and I'm in full swing.

I'm making stock for my markets, new jewellery for exhibitions and playing around with a few ideas. I jump at my time at the bench or even my time with my sketch book and i think that's because i have a clear idea of what little time i get. I also have a clearer understanding of how long it takes me to make up a piece, what i need and what I'm capable of and that has only come with experience and reflection. Mitchel has taught me to slow down and take each day as it comes and I'm grateful for that. It allows me to make today and enjoy the experience of doing so, whilst still keeping an eye on deadlines and quantities of jewellery pieces needed to make up stock for the busy seasons ahead. What a huge light bulb moment for me.

I’ve also taken a fresh look at old work using that to spring board me into a different direction or expand on a past idea. I always get to crossroads in my work where i could make a piece up at least 5 different ways that would seem very different but need to choose only one. From my study days i have always made a point of noting those moments down in a sketch, photograph or note in my visual journal. Now i get to revisit some of those ideas with fresh insight and i can't wait to show you my finished pieces.

Just as spring bring new shoots of growth so i feel that growth from within.

Happy spring day!

Note: Perhaps i should put together an exhibition proposal for branching ideas and the jewellery process......or at least mine any way? hmmmm!


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