Monday, October 15, 2012

103 Pendants: opening night

Ahhhhh another opening night in the bag. Thank you for all the wonderful comments, its always good to see people appreciating your work. There was some amazing pieces on display and the volume of pendants was muted by the space that it was displayed in. I think a smaller venue may have been a bit overwhelming to look at all the pendants individually. It did however make it difficult to take photo's of the work. So here are some close ups of my pieces, an a couple of the opening night. Enjoy!
Wreath pendants
Silver, 24ct gold, pearls, garnets and patina
Angelica pendants


Orchid flower and Orchid pod pendants
Silver, 24ct gold and patina

103 Pendants in exhibition

103 Pendants
opening night

103 Pendants
I loved the the cast shadows!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

103 Pendants exhibition

Upcoming group exhibition:
Name: 103 Pendants
Venue: 84 Merivale st, South Brisbane
Date: 12th - 17th October.

Opening night is Friday 12th October, 6- 8pm

Come and see the works of 30 JMGQ Jewellers in an expansive display of 103 Pendants. There is sure to be something for everyone.

P.s. I will have 9 pieces on display, so back to put the finishing touches on them.


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