Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spring has sprung.......

Spring has sprung, even my jewellery has babies!

A recent order has allowed me to combine some of my big cocktail lotus rings into a smaller combination.

Perhaps it just my own pregnancy that has made me see my jewellery in this way and it will be interesting to see how my own new arrival will influence my jewellery. After all a dominant theme in my work is growth and flourish

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Artist: Sabrina Meyns

Paper, seeds and silver......

Words that drew me to the discovery of Sabrina Meyns who is a jewellery designer and paper maker creating precious pieces that look as though a mere touch would dissolve their existence. There is so much attention to detail that it no longer becomes a solid mass but rather a fragile shell. Even the paper work is perfectly combined in her seamless combination.

Sabrina Meyns: "Drawing her inspiration from the garden, she focuses particularly on the late summer and autumn periods. Sabrina is especially fascinated by the delicate qualities of seedpods and the miniature elements that are seeds. When plants and flowers come towards the end of their life cycle their petals and leaves become fragile and translucent. Leaf veins and plant skeletons appear and the plants become beautiful, ghost-like creations of their former selves"

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Orchid flower earrings

I've got a market tomorrow and although I've been working on some fantastic new designs not all of these have been completed in time. Mainly the colourful stone pieces. For the first time in my jewellery career I've taken the "tomorrow is another day" approach taking the stress of me, my work and life in general. All i have to say is its amazing what lessons having a baby teaches you.

But all is not lost either....tomorrow my stand will be sporting new earring stands, and a wide range of fresh new earrings including these new orchid earrings. It will be nice to see how people react to them. I love the over sized nature of them that seem to hang precariously from the ear.

So come and tell me what you think if your in Brisbane, I'll be at the Young Designers Market, South Band, Little Stanley St.
See you there!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Angelic studs

A customer ordered these to go with her "angelica pendant", i love the way they came out and have no idea why i didn't make them before. I also took this opportunity to play around with new backgrounds for my pictures, and although i like the stark contrast of the sculptural pieces on white bleached backgrounds, i find these images more intriguing.

The twig background reminds me of some of the images i see on my walks, especially this time of year. Stark winter twigs sprouting cherry blossoms and the contrast of fragility's is beautiful.

The white background makes the pieces seem sculptural and there is a deception of size.

When i placed the paper beneath a tree in the afternoon sun the contrasting shadows were interesting but i think they may have been a bit to busy for these pieces. Perhaps if they were blackened this may have worked better.

I may have to play around a little more.
But let me know what you think any way.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Update

I have not been at my bench for a little bit as life has thrown a couple of curve balls.... But I'm back and believe it or not i have been blogging these past months but not publishing so in the next week there will be a blitz of published post that should keep you up to speed with what i have been doing.
My work is always developing even if at a slower pace!

My bench beckons now but here is some inspiration from Nora Fok

Nora Fok

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flourish flower ring

After a couple of road trips to see the country side whilst my in- laws where here it is no wonder that i found myself returning to an old favorite with a different spin on life.....

Flourish flower ring with a central blackened frill.

The two tones of the finish seemed to draw the eye in so its no wonder that this ring was sold the minute i put it out on my table at the i should probable make some more.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Walking in the forest

As i walk through the forest
The darkness holds me
The dappled light highlights the small
As the distant world fades away
I am mesmerised by its beauty

Perhaps it is the viewing of Michelle Kelly's work, or the reminiscing of my research on mushrooms for my flourish series, or even the subsequent discovery of Megan Cronin's environmental sculptures so many years ago but i found myself drown to these treasures on my resent forest walks.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trailing pink sprays.

Just out side my flat on a fence is this beautiful trailing pink vine, probably a weed of sorts. Its has large heart shaped leaves and little pink flowers that splash between the vine tendrils like sprays of gems. I found myself taking dozens of pictures of them and some of the pictures you could imagine draped across neck. I think all in all this means i need to work with more colour if only thousands of little settings didn't put me of. Hmmmm back to the sketch book I've been inspired!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

cascading flowers, bursts of colour and adaptations

Cascading flowers, bursts of colour and adaptations seem to be where my focus for inspiration is this year.

Although I've been left with a month filled with the closure of 2009 exhibition and projects, thoughts of new designs and directions flood my head nearly every day. I just simply jot these down or record them in my design book as a way to re-fill my creative well. Their time will come and after many years i now draw comfort in this.
Every year the month of January is filled up with issues of closure and that simply bog me down with a lack of outward creativity and manufacture. I used to panic but now i enjoy these moments. Its my pruning back time where i find my new goals, re-focus on strengths and freshen my ideas.

This year is no different and so my progress is not reflected on my blog but I look forward to bringing you my new creations as they unfold.


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